Tennis Canada - Racquet/Fitness Club Member Management

Tennis Canada

Tennis Canada required a new bi-lingual "state of the art", online facility management solution with latest generation capability for their Stade Uniprix Centre located in Montreal, Quebec.

The Uniprix Stadium is a large complex comprised of 28 indoor & outdoor tennis courts. The Stadium hosts many varied events and tournaments, including their signature Rogers Cup which is an ATP 1000 level event. 

Tennis Canada required a capable online platform that could support complex bookings & fee calculation processes for the multitude of uses & players that the facility accommodates for users such as Tennis Quebec & Tennis Montreal etc.  Sophisticated reporting was required to address the City of Montreal requirements for court usage subsidy data.

In response Jegysoft consulted with, developed, constructed and currently hosts for Tennis Canada a fully functional bi-lingual flexible online solution that automates all business functions and booking/payment/reporting processes as required at this facility by Tennis Canada. 

Club Meadowvale - Racquet/Fitness Club Member Management

Club Meadowvale

Club Meadowvale, a large indoor Racquet & Fitness Club located in Mississauga, Ontario, offers a broad range of sports and activities including indoor Tennis and Squash courts all with a corresponding range of learning and advanced programs and lessons. The club also has an indoor and outdoor swimming pools and offers a broad range of Aquatic programs & Swimming lessons.

The Club required a flexible online platform that could meet the ever changing needs of court bookings & program registrations.

The platform needed to be able to support a complex range of court fees based on the following criteria:

  • multiple membership types;
  • court allocations per month with court usage fees added based on excess court time;
  • division online of court fees amongst each of the players listed on the online booking so that each could pay their respective share of court fees online.

Jegysoft responded to this challenge by first consulting with Club staff, and then developed a fully flexible Club platform complete with online court bookings as required, online Ladders and online registrations for the myriad of programs & lessons offered by this Club.

Now complete with full General Ledger reporting Club Meadowvale is able to instantly track, report and post fees and revenues from all aspects of Club activities in a timely and accurate manner. 

Manotick Tennis Club - Seasonal Tennis Club Online Player Platform

Manotick Tennis Club

Manotick Tennis Club

Manotick Tennis Club is a very active seasonal outdoor club located in Ottawa, Ontario.

Manotick was looking for online platform that automated all member functionality between the club, it's management and club members & guests.

Given that the club only derives revenue seasonally through the summer season, Jegysoft was tasked to implement a "cost-effective" yet flexible online club platform designed to automate all member registration and payment functions complete with online credit card payment gateway.

In addition, with program & lesson registrations, summer camp registrations & online Ladders, the platform would be required to automate online all tennis activities and member interaction with the club into one integrated online cohesive platform.

In response Jegysoft "modified our club platform to meet all requirements" and implemented our "Seasonal Club Platform" successfully meeting all the online needs of Manotick, at a very economical price point.

National Tennis School & National Kids Camps - Tennis Learning Center

National Tennis School & National Kids Camps

National Tennis Schoool & National Kids Camp

NTS & NKC operates a large tennis learning and children's activities business in Ottawa, Ontario.

They operate from a multitude of locations including indoor & outdoor tennis clubs and activity-based center.

NTS required a very flexible online solution that could keep pace with their business as it rotated and expanded into the various locations from which it operates. Given complex Gift Card purchases forwarded as gifts, and the detailed financial reporting required over the various locations, Jegysoft needed to develop a very capable yet flexible online solution that would meet the needs going forward.

In response Jegysoft modified our (85% ready to go) Tennis Learning Centre platform, into an online platform perfectly suited to mange NTS & NKC's unique business model.

Royal Canadian Yacht Club - Yacht & Boat Club Online Management

Royal Canadian Yacht Club

RCYC operates from 2 locations in Toronto, Ontario and offers multiple Sport and Sailing activities to its members & guests including Sailing Regattas, Racing & Club Cruises, plus a myriad of advanced Programs, Lesson & Camps for Tennis, Squash and many other activities.

Given the full range of activity at RCYC, a fully flexible and user friendly platform needed to be developed that looked exactly like RCYC's existing website, and that offered an easy to access, and easy to use online platform that would attract & draw members away from time consuming Staff interaction.

The platform needed to be able to support high intensity registrations for regattas and programs, manage all court bookings required based on their various membership types, and needed to be able to manage the broad range of Private Lessons which need to be booked & tracked.

In addition given the multitude of Volunteers required for their Regattas & Races, a fully functional Volunteer time management & tracking online solution needed to be customized.

Finally the online platform needed to be able to accommodate such ancillary series such as Dining bookings, Chandlery & POS purchases online etc.

Prior to Jegysoft RCYC was employing multiple vendors for their online needs, each layer not offering economy of scale in terms of fees. In addition, given the various disconnected vendors integrated reporting was extremely challenging given the different systems.   

Once Jegysoft demonstrated how an integrated streamlined online solution could be specifically customized to address RCYC's unique needs, RCYC tasked Jegysoft to modify and meld together their Racquet & Sailing requirements into one co-hesive integrated online platform that could deliver to Staff, Members, Guests & Non-Member Parents (for camps), a seamless, easy to use online Platform that adopted the exact same look & feel as the existing RCYC club website.

After detailed consultations with the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Jegysoft developed, customized to suit, and successfully delivered & hosts their integrated online club solution.

Canadian TenPin Bowling Federation - National/Regional Online Membership Management

Canadian TenPin Bowling Federation

The Canadian TenPin Bowling Federation (CTF), located in Alberta approached Jegysoft with a unique set of requirements to:

develop and host an online "Tiered Membership Platform" available 24/7 from any web connected device including Smartphones.

The online platform would need to incorporate their needs online for Management, Staff and their Membership, all defined by the complex interaction and needs of each of a National, Regional, & Provincial management level, plus the unique requirements of over 50 local Bowling Centres dispersed across the Country.

Each level of the Tier would naturally require different functionality and access to their own data and unique reports.

In addition the platform needed to accommodate the various business processes necessary for each Tier to complete their functions.

It was essential that Reporting (as required by each Tier) would draw from all data modules within the online solution.

Requirements (future) included bi-lingual operability, online tournament registrations and membership registration payments complete with online card payments.

After detailed consultations, Jegysoft developed, customized and successfully implemented to the total satisfaction of CTF, their state-of-the art online Tiered Platform.