National, Regional & Local Online Member Management

A Tiered solution provides robust, secure, cost-effective 24/7 online access from all web connected devices including Smartphones to a platform incorporating Membership accounts enabling complete Member self-service functionality online.

The online platform can be customized 100% to your specific processes prior to Go Live. The online software is very flexible and can economically be customized going forward to meet all changing requirements.

Tiered solution provides robust, secure, cost-effective 24/7 online access to Membership accounts enabling complete Member self-service functionality. Customized 100% to your specific processess prior to Go Live. Offers powerful and easy to use Admin Portal tools enabling quick & easy go forward changes to ensure continued 100% functionality. Modules can all be integrated together for streamlined functionality & customized reporting.

Platform Features:

Customized online solution offering National, Provincial/State, Regional & Local integrated interoperability with members online.

Automated Account Invoicing / Billing & Online Payments to Card Payment online gateway of your choice.

E-commerce, Shoptting Card & POS online functionality  

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Why Jegysoft?

  • Your choice of Credit Card online payment gateway. Jegysoft does not require any percentage of fees from your use of the online payment gateway.
  • Online platform offers 24/7 real-time access from any web connected device, including Smartphones. Any changes you make are instantly uploaded.
  • Platform is designed for secured online access with unique functionality presented for each of Staff, Members, Public Players and Non-Member Guests.
  • Online software is comprised of functional independent & inter-related "Modules", so you choose & only pay for what you decide to use.
  • Online platform supports multiple Membership types and enforces club rules online across members who have more than one membership type.
  • Platform automates online all business functions sports activities & staff/player interactions into one cohesive online platform.
  • Platform can be offered fully bi-lingual in any second language chosen.
  • No Signed Contracts Required.

  • We Committ to Fees for your Budgeting.

  • No Pre-Payments or Deposits Required.

  • No Fees Paid until "Approved" Live.

  • Modification Fees Itemized in Advance.

  • No Cancellation Fees Assessed.

  • On Cancel 100% of  Data is Returned.

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