SquashClubSoft for Squash Clubs

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The platform offers full online support for Squash, and also offers full support for Fitness Programs & all other Activities offered.

Online software offers a modifiable, flexible & easy to use Platform designed to automate all business functions, registration procedures & booking rules into one cohesive integrated online Platform.

The Platform can be deployed using a modular building block approach (you only pay for Modules deployed), offering integrated reporting drawing data from all selected Modules.

For Administrative access the Platform offers separate Log In Portals and unique functionality for each of Super-User, Staff, Finance & Coach / Instructor. From the Member or Public Player side the Platform offers separate Log In Portals for each of Member, Family Member, Non-Member Parent & Public Player.

The online Platform will be modified to meet all your requirements prior to Go Live. Given that we have deployed Platforms in many similiar Raquet Clubs, the Platform is already 90% primed for your Facility (software development you don't need to pay for). To complete the balance of 10% you only need to communicate your remaining unique requirements so that ultimately the final Platfform deployed exactly matches your online requirements. 

Going forward the Platform can be quickly & inexpensively modified to meet all changing processes, booking rules, registration procedures & regulations that you want offered or enforced online.

Finally, the online Platform can look identical to & integrate directly with your current Public Website, back-end Billing software & Accounting software.

Ultimately all of the above means our Platform can translate into a very cost effective online solution for your Club or Facility. 

Why Choose one of our online Platforms?

  • Choose any PCI Compliant online credit card payment gateway to connect to. 
  • Online platform offers 24/7 real-time access from all web-connect devices & Smartphones. Any changes you make are instantly updated.
  • Platform is designed for secured password access offering separate Log- in Portals for each of Staff, Member, Public Player, Coach & Non-Member.
  • Platform is comprised of independent & inter-related "Functional Modules", so you only pay for what you choose to deploy.
  • Platform supports multiple Membership & Player user types, and can enforce all club rules online across mutliple membership types, i.e. enforce different rules for different racquet sports etc.
  • Platform can automate online all club business functions, sports activities & staff/player interactions into one cohesive integrated online Platform.
  • Platform can be offered fully bi-lingual in any second language chosen.
  • No Signed Contracts.

  • We Commit to All Fees in Advance.

  • No Up-Front Deposits or Fees Required.

  • No Fees Paid until "Approved" Live.

  • Programmer Fees Fixed in Advance.

  • No Cancellation Fees Assessed.

  • On Cancel 100% of Data is Returned.

Jegysoft Advantages:

  • When requested Jegysoft can quickly & inexpensively modify the Platform to provide the optimum configuration for your requirement.  The optimum online Platform will always be the one that your members & players want to use, and will continue to use.

  • Going forward each & every year our software can be economically re-configured to adapt to, and meet your changing needs. This is a very important attribute as it makes our software a long-term viable solution. 
  • Being able to modify and update an existing online Platform to meet changing needs, will always be less expensive than replacing it.

  • Our Platforms offers an extremely scalable, robust, & secure solution, that can be integrated with other existing software systems such as Billing and Accounting software. 

  • Our fully configurable software can be modified to meet 100% of your needs. With our online software you do not fit your requirements into a pre-packaged inflexible boxed software. Our Platforms can fully configure & modify 100% around your online needs.

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Managing Director & VP Sales
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