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Racquet & Fitness Club Online Member Management


A very flexible, comprehensive & user friendly online Platform, automating all club business functions, club activities and Staff & Coach interactions with Members/Players/Guests, into one cohesive integrated online platform.

Platform deploys a modular building block approach offering integrated & collated reporting across all modules.

Platform is available online 24/7 from all web connected devices including Smartphones. Platform can integrate into one or more online Card Payment gateways, as chosen by your club.

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Seasonal / Outdoor Tennis Clubs & Tennis Learning Centers

An online, cost-effective, flexible club Platform designed to enforce online all club business processes, rules & registrations. Developed specifically for outdoor & seasonal Tennis Clubs & Centers for Learning Tennis.

Platform comes complete with all club functions online including Membership Renewals, Program, Camp & Lesson registrations, all with online payments, plus Court Bookings, Emails, online ProShop, Newsletter,Game Matching, Ladders, & more, all packaged into one cohesive integrated platform.

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Yacht & Boat Club Online Member Managment

A customizable online Platform designed specifically for Yacht & Boat clubs, offering very flexible and user friendly features for all Staff, Members & Guests. Software looks exactly like, and integrates with existing website.

Platform automates all club business functions, offering online to Members all functionality for Regatta & Race registrations, Learn to Sail programs, Club Cruises, Boat Bookings, Private Lessons, Volunteer Time Tracking (i.e. for Self-Help Clubs), online Chandlery, all offered with integrated Reporting drawing from all Modules.

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National, Regional & Local Online Member Management

A Tiered online Membership solution providing robust, secure, scalable & cost-effective 24/7 access from all web devices including Smartphones.

Provides "tiered" access for all Staff to Member accounts as required, and is complete with full 24/7 Member online self-service functionality.

The Platform can be customized 100% to your specific processes, and can be economically customized to meet all your changing needs. Online software looks exactly like, and integrates with your existing website.

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