Our Service Terms

No Signed Contracts Required

We do not require long term legal Contracts, or any written commitments.
When requested we will provide a Service Level Guarantee and fix Fees for a specific timeframe.
All services are provided on a rolling monthly basis. 

No Advance Fees or Up-Front Deposits Required

Our first invoice for payment is sent only after the Platform has officially been tested and "Approved" ready to to go Live by your Staff. By that point your Staff will have viewed, tested & experienced 100% total substantiation of the Platform's capability, all as presented in demonstrations and committed in our Proposal.

Software Fees (Invoiced only after Platform is Live)

1. One-time (Year 1 Only) Initial Build & Set-up Fee (invoiced only after Platform is Approved Live)
This One-time Set up Fee covers Programmer time required to modify the Platform to meet the unique requirements of your setup online.

As we already work with so many other Clubs, upwards of 90 - 95% of the Platform is ready to go for your set-up, (which you don't pay for),  but as we know from experience that no 2 Clubs operate 100% identically the same, we will need to allocate Programmers to modify the Platform to meet your exact needs. 

Amortization of this Initial One-time Setup Fee can be discussed.

2. Monthly, Quarterly or Per Season Hosting, Service, & Support Fees
This Fee covers online Hosting, Service, Support, Security, Maintenance & Staff training, all as required. 

3. Future Software Change Fees
Within a soft 90 -120 day period after go Live, we typically try to accommodate software refinements as part of the original Proposal to ensure your Platform is running optimally, and is streamlined online for your operations. 

Of course any software bugs or deficiencies discovered at any time will be quickly fixed (naturally at our expense).

Going forward once the Platform is operational, we understand that you do not want to be assessed Programmer fees for every single minor change request, so we strive to maintain goodwill by changing the little things as much as possible without charge.

However, somewhere down the road you will request changes to the Platform that will require our Programmers to swing into action. The good news of course, is that we can respond to these requests in a timely manner, as our software can be quickly (meaning inexpensively) modified to meet your new requirements. At that point we will provide an emailed estimate in advance of any potential billable Programmer fees.

Cancellation Policy

Service Cancellation can occur on 30 days prior written notice. For cancellation of monthly services no exit Fees or Penalties are assessed. To cancel any service please contact Paul Standen at pwstanden@jegysoft.com.

Fee Currency

For services provided in Canada all funds are in Canadian dollars.
For services provided in the United States all funds are in U.S. dollars.
For services provided in the United Kingdom all funds are in Pound Sterling.

Refund Policy

In the event of a Cancellation of Service, refunds are not issued for any previous services, or Programmer fees paid.