Overall Platform Capability

  • Modifiable & totally Flexible Platform can meet all your online requirements
  • Platform is 90% ready for any Club or Facility, then balance of 10% is specificially set up to meet your unique Business processes, Reporting requirements, Registration procedures & Booking rules
  • Platform can integrate with Public Website, back end Management Software (i.e. Jonas) & Accounting Software
  • Control over all Payment methods accepted including support for Club Charge & On Account capability
  • Your choice of online Credit card payment gateway processor
  • Installment Payment support for Memberships & High Performance program monthly payments
  • Detailed SQL Search Report Generators
  • Detailed Reporting on Member/Player Stats & Facility Usage
  • E-Gift Card & Online Donation capability
  • Member/Player Survey capability
  • Full Excel (csv) & PDF Export capability for all reports & data
  • All data is backed up 4 times per day and replicated to duplicate servers sites

Database Structure

  • Family Database Structure, each record includes Primary and their Family members (if any)
  • All fees, registrations & court bookings correlated into 1 integrated Family account
  • Year over Year Membership/Public Player Stats & Comparisons

Online Access

  • Smartphone/Tablet Friendly access for Members, Public Players & Coaches
  • Separate Log-In Portals & unique functionally enforcement for each of Member, Public Player & Parent
  • Separate Log-In Portals & unique functionality enforcement for Super-User, Staff, Finance, Coach & Instructor
  • 365/7/24 online access to Platform with real-time upload capability

Financial Reporting

  • Detailed Revenue Financial Reporting with full General Ledger (GL) support & File Export
  • Detailed Fee Type, Payment Type & GL revenue category breakdown reporting
  • Date to Date Financial reporting with Bar Chart/Graph presentation capability
  • Daily Shift Closing & Reconciliation plus Finance manager All Shift Close approvals process
  • Look Forward Revenue Management Reporting
  • Private Lesson/Clinic tracking & Fee reporting for Coach & Instructor payroll.

Platform Features

  • Promo Code support for online marketing discounts for all fees types
  • Club e-Credit capability for Prepayments, & Refunds are converted to e-credits to be applied to future payments
  • Package purchase & auto-redemption support for Prime & Non-prime Court packages
  • Package purchase & auto-redemption support for Private/Semi Lesson Packages
  • Private Lesson booking & payroll management for all Coaches/Pros
  • Includes Singles/Doubles Box Ladders for all Racquet sports
  • Includes Singles/Doubles Tournaments for all Racquet sports
  • Includes Game-Matching for all Racquet sports


  • Email & Newsletter support with 1 click outbound emails to common User Groups
  • Email & Newsletter integration with Constant Contact & MailChimp
  • Full Email confirmations for all Purchases, Registrations & Bookings/Cancellations

Point of Sale & Online Store

  • POS Panel for all in-club (person present) Purchases with Centralized shopping cart
  • Online Store/Proshop for remote (person not-present) purchases & payments
  • Full Inventory support
  • Demo Product Tracking

Registration Functionality

  • Modifiable Registration processes for New Member Registration & Annual/Monthly Membership Renewals
  • Full modifiable Membership Wailtlist support to meet your processes
  • Modifiable Registration processes for Public Player & Non-Member Parents
  • Volunteer Registration support & reporting
  • Full range of Adult & Junior Program Registration & Reporting plus Waitlists for each program
  • 1- click button support for Switch Program / Cancel / Refund / Create Credit functions
  • Club Sign-up Calendar for Drop-in Play, Round Robins, Private Lessons & Events etc.
  • Summer Camp & Holiday Camp registration support plus Before/After Child Care registration plus Waitlists
  • Smartphone access to Attendance Reporting

Court Booking Functionality

  • Multiple Court Booking for block court booking functionality with full Edit & Modify ability.
  • Optional Court Fee split division & Payment support for Members, Players & Guests
  • Control over offering Court fee reductions based on a entered schedule
  • Court Booking History
  • Court Usage Analytics
  • Court Booking Stats Reporting
  • Guest Player Tracking Reports & Guest Access enforcement.
  • Court Booking Rules for different Member Types or Player Categories are all enforced online
  • No Show Reports
  • Rain Delay & Court Cancellation support