RacquetClubSoft for Multi-Racquet Sport & Fitness Clubs

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This online Platform offers full Staff & Player support for any mix of Tennis, Squash, Racquetball, Badminton & Pickleball sports, and also offers full support for Aquatics, Fitness Programs & any other Activities offered.

Our online software offers a modifiable, flexible & easy to use Platform designed to automate all business & reporting functions, registration procedures & booking rules into one cohesive integrated online Platform.

The Platform can be deployed using a modular building block approach (i.eyou only pay for Modules Club deploys), offering integrated reporting drawing data from all selected Modules.

For Administrative access the Platform offers separate Log In Portals and unique functionality for each of Super-User, Staff, Finance & Coach / Instructor. From the Member or Public Player side the Platform offers separate Log In Portals for each of Member, Family Member, Non-Member Parent & Public Player.

The online Platform will be modified to meet all your requirements prior to Go Live. Given that we have deployed Platforms in so many similiar Racquet Clubs, the Platform is essentially already 90% primed & ready for your facility (this is software development you don't pay for). To complete the 10% balance you only need to communicate any unique requirements you may have so that ultimately the final Platfform deployed exactly matches your online requirements. 

Going forward the Platform can be quickly & inexpensively modified to meet all changing processes, booking rules, registration procedures & regulations that you want offered or enforced online.

Finally, the online Platform can look identical to & integrate directly with your current Public Website, back-end Billing software & Accounting software.

Ultimately all of the above means our Platform can translate into a very cost effective online solution for your Club or Facility.