RacquetClubSoft for Multi-Racquet Sport Clubs

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RacquetClubSoft offers a completely integrated online software solution for Private Clubs & Public Facilities offering any mix of Tennis, Squash, Racquetball, Badminton & Pickleball. The Platform also offers complete interactive online support for Aquatics, Fitness Programs, Personal Training and any other Activities offered.

This Platform provides a modifiable, flexible & easy to use solution designed to automate all your business processes, reporting requirements, registration procedures & booking rules into one cohesive integrated online Platform.If required it can be presented online in a Bi-lingual format.

When deployed the Platform can look identical to your Public Website and can integrate directly with Billing software & Accounting software.

The online Platform can be deployed using a “Modular” Building Block approach (i.eyou pay only for Modules deployed), with additional integrated Modules easily deployed thereafter. The Platform offers integrated reporting (with SQL filtering capability) drawing data from all integrated Modules.

For Administrative & Staff access the Platform offers different Log-In Portals with separate functionality presented to each User Role of Super-Admin, Staff, Finance, plus a separate Log in Portal for Coach & Instructors. Members & Public Players access the Platform through separate Log-In Portals with different interactive functionality for each of Member, their Family Member(s), Non-Member (i.e. Parent) & Public Player.

The database structure is Family based so that all Family members can be housed in one integrated Record. This provides an easy to use registration & online payment experience for Members & Players with Family.

During the initial setup the Platform will be modified to meet all requirements prior to the Go Live date. As the Platform is effectively 90-95% primed & ready for any facility (development you don't pay for), the deployment of a Platform streamlined for your operations can be completed in a very expedient timeframe.

To facilitate setup for your operations we will provide an onboarding Questionnaire that helps us understand any and all unique requirements or interactive processes that need to be incorporated into the online functionality. Combined with further discussions and testing this ensures that the Platform deployed on go Live will meet your exact interactive needs online. 

Once the Platform has been deployed Live the software can be quickly & inexpensively modified going forward to meet all changes Management chooses to incorporate. Changes can range from business process modifications, new reporting requirements, changing booking rules and updated registration procedures.

By choosing to deploy SquashClubSoft  you can absolutely .... "Have it your way"