Jegysoft's mission is to deploy "customized to your requirements" state-of-the-art online platforms for facilities & clubs that provide services to members and/or public players. Each online solution incorporates latest generation features and functions, can look exactly like and integrate directly with your existing club website, back-end software and/or accounting software. 

You will be pleased to discover that Jegysoft offers an attractive economically based "Value Proposition" to our clients. To begin with, we typically already have 85% - 95% of the online platform you require, ready to go. The good news is that you don't need to pay for this development because we already have it. Given that we already work with numerous organizations across racquet, sport, and yachting, the vast majority of what you require is well tested and currently in use by these entities. 

Even better, is that to reach the point where your deployed online platform represents 100% of your exact business processes (a recent standard requirement of most organizations these days), all we need to do is consult with your team and then customize the last 5% - 15% of the software so that the online platform "meets your exact rules, requirements and specifications" (yes, a nominal one-time setup fee applies here). After this we will complete the customization and jointly test all online processes to your satisfaction and then choose a go Live date, all prior to payment of any fees whatsoever. Once setup is completed and you have chosen a Go Live date, the platform will then offer your users an online solution that 100% accurately reflects your operations online (and only then do you receive your first invoice from us!).

To illustrate the need for customizaton take tennis and squash clubs for example. It can be said that these clubs offer their players & members very similar services, however it is also equally true that no two racquet clubs operate 100% identically in terms of their rules and business processes. Each club has unique differences in terms of membership regulations, court booking rules, or program registration processes, and furthermore each club may offer varying privileges based on membership types. To accommodate these variances between different clubs, Jegysoft's software "can be easily & inexpensively" customized and is perfectly suited to meet "all the unique differences which each facility wants enforced online".

One of the reasons we are able to customize for each situation is that Jegysoft deploys & maintains a separate platform for each client, therefore any software changes you request to your online platform to meet business process changes, or to meet competitive pressures, can be completed as required since your changes will not critically affect the online software of any other clients of ours.

Unlike other Vendors where changes you request are purposely priced out of reach, or the response is "no-can-do", or just never responded too (because your requests negatively affects all others users of their cookie-cutter platform), Jegysoft conversely, can easily and economically keep your online platform tailored, streamlined and functional specific to your evolving needs for many years to come.

Gone are the days where your online Vendor actually dictated what business online processes you could or could not change, or listed what online features could not be offered as a result of the limitations of their inflexible online software.

Today, Jegysoft's online customizable software flexibility will ensure platform longevity, and see implementation costs amortized over many years-- "as who wants to change online software every couple years!" 

As an additional feature, our software can ensure that the professional look and feel of your existing public website, is carried into and "presented within all aspects of the new online platform" and if you decide to upgrade your public website (yes, Jegysoft can also help here), then the online platform that your users now interact with, will also be changed to match.

We encourage you to review our client list on our webiste under "Latest News". There you will find clubs and memberships we work with ranging from sports clubs only open seasonally, right through to some of the largest indoor membership-based sports facilities, including nationally based organizations with online bilingual requirements such as Tennis Canada and Canadian TenPin Bowling Federation.

We are confident that after assessment of our attractive business terms (such as no fees or deposits paid up-front, no Contracts and anytime 30 day cancellation option), and after a thorough in-depth assessment of our online software capabilities, you will quickly understand why Jegysoft "does not rely on legally binding contracts" to ensure long term commitments from our clients.

Simply put, "we don't need too".  We let very high client satisfaction from our extremely flexible online software determine that our service relationships run long term with our clients!

We look forward to working with you!