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That Can Meet All Your Unique Online Requirements

Does your online software Provider support your innovation needs or hold you back? As they tell you what their fixed software cannot do does it often feel like they are the ones calling the shots? Do you need a software Partner whose Platforms are modifiable and which can meet your changing requirements, as and when they change?  

If so, take back control with implementation of a website integrated online Platform from Jegysoft. We deliver totally Modifiable & Flexible online sports solutions that can wrap around your exact online needs. With our latest generation Smartphone Friendly Platforms you may quickly find that you can offer a very innovative online Platform for fees generally in the range as currrent Providers.  We deliver Online Platforms such as:

  • RacquetClubSoft for any mix of Courts (Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Racquetball, Pickleball), plus Aquatics & Fitness Programs.  (Click Here to view RacquetClubSoft screens)
  • TennisClubSoft for Private Memberships or Public Facilities.  (Click Here to view TennisClubSoft screens)
  • SquashClubSoft for dedicated Squash Courts.  (Click Here to view SquashClubSoft screens)
  • PickleBallSoft for dedicated Pickleball Courts. (Click Here to view PickleBallSoft screens)
  • SportsClubSoft for any mix of Courts or Playing Surfaces (i.e. Soccer, Volleyball, Lacrosse or Basketball etc.) plus Aquatics & Fitness Programs.  (Click Here to view SportsClubSoft screens)

Unlike Providers who typically deploy the same inflexible cookie-cutter version to each & every Club, our online Platforms are totally flexible for each facility, and therefore able to meet all of your unique requirements. 

All Platforms enable separate Log-in Portals and for each of Member, Family Member, Non-Member (Parent), Public Player Portals, and for Staff access each of Super-Admin, Staff, Finance, plus Coach & Instructor Portals.

Our Platforms are effectively ready to Go Live for any one Club. To deploy we only need incorporate your unique business processes, registration procedures and booking rules to modify the software to meet your exact online requirements (as no 2 Clubs operate 100% the same).   

Going forward if your processes, registration procedures or booking rules change, or your Club decides to offer new functionality online, our software can be quickly & economically modified to meet all new changes. 

All Platforms can be modified to look exactly like, & integrate directly with

  • your public website,
  • existing back-end management software
  • accounting software through GL reporting

So if you plan to offer a State-of-the-Art online Platform, integrated to your website and accessible 24/7 from all Smartphones, then schedule a 30 minute web-demo to view first-hand the capability of our Platforms. 

By choosing to deploy one of our Flexible Online Platforms; you can absolutely .... "Have it your way"  

Clubs That Have Chosen Us:

View List From Last 24 Months

July, 2023 READ MORE

The Tennis School an indoor Club located in Oakville, Ontario selects Jegysoft's customizable  online TennisClubSoft interactive Platform.

June, 2023 READ MORE

Club de Tennis Île des Sœurs an indoor Club with 20 indoor Courts located in Montreal, Quebec selects Jegysoft's customizable bilingual online TennisClubSoft interactive Platform.

May, 2023 READ MORE

SaniSport an indoor Club with 2 locations in Montreal, Quebec selects Jegysoft's customizable bilingual online RacquetClubSoft interactive Platform.

April, 2023 READ MORE

Cottingham Tennis Club located in Toronto, Ontario selects Jegysoft's online customizable TennisClubSoft interactive Platform.

March, 2023 READ MORE

Rothesay Tennis Club located in Rothesay, New Brunswick selects Jegysoft's online customizable TennisClubSoft interactive Platform.

February, 2023 READ MORE

Deep River Yacht & Tennis Club located in Ontario selects Jegysoft's online customizable SportsClubSoft interactive Platform.

January, 2023 READ MORE

North Toronto Tennis Club located in Toronto, Ontario selects Jegysoft's online customizable TennisClubSoft interactive Platform.

December, 2022 READ MORE

Powell River Racquet Centre an indoor club located in Powell River, B.C. selects Jegysoft's online customizable RacquetClubSoft interactive Platform for Tennis & Pickleball.

November, 2022 READ MORE

Red Deer Tennis Club an indoor Club located in Red Deer, Alberta upgrades to Jegysoft's latest version of its customizable online TennisClubSoft interactive Platform.

For a detailed list of Club references please Contact Us.

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